PVC advesives


Cosmofen PLUS, 200g (1400 mPa s)
Cosmofen PLUS HV, 200g (3600 mPa s)
Density - 0.99g/cm3
Time-to-fix - 2-4min
Hardening - 24 hours
Cosmofen 345
montage glue
Glues for PVC, different plastics and other materials
Cosmoplast 500, 20g (30 mPa s)
Cosmoplast 500, 50g (30 mPa s)
Cosmofen CA 12, 20g (70 mPa s)
Cosmofen CA 12, 50g (70 mPa s)
Cosmoplast 500L, 20g (120 mPa s)
Cosmoplast 500L, 50g (120 mPa s)
Cyan-acrylate glues for PVC, rubber, acrylics etc.
Time-to-fix - 3-10 sec.
Special cyan-acrylate moment glue for small areas.
Cosmoplast 564, 20 g (350 mPa s)
Time-to-fix - 3-10 sec.

Acrylic (PMMA) adhesives

Cosmofen PMMA
200 g (2000 mPa s)
Density  - 1.15 g/cm3
Time-to-fix - 2-4 min
Hardening - 24 hours
Adhesive S 2003E, 1000 g (600 mPa s)
Special glue for PMMA, Polystyrene, ABS.
Density - 1.05 g/cm3
Time-to-fix - 20-30 min
Hardening - 60 min
Mechanical processing after 24 hours.
Adhesive P 10, 1000 g (850 mPa s)
Two component glue for PMMA
Density - 1.05 g/cm3
Time-to-fix - 10-30 min
Hardening - 2-3 hours
Mechanical processing after 24 hours.

Different adhesives

Cosmopur K1
universal applicable assembly adhesive with polyurethane; it is solvent-free, gap-filling and has a quick reaction time and a tough elastic adhesive gap.
Cosmoplast 584
Enforcer for cyan-acrilate adhesives for Cosmoplast CA series.
Aerosol tube 150 ml.

Cleaners and polishers

Cosmofen RM mini - repair mass.
used to repair cracks, false drillings and
other damages on PVC-hard profiles and is only for professional use
by instructed personnel.
Altuglas® Cleaner, 1000 g
Special cleaner for products made from acrylic glass. With silica, it have long-lasting antistatic effect.
Altuglas® Polish 1,1L
For polishing of PMMA.

Altuglas® Polish 2,1L
For tiny polishing of PMMA.
Cosmofen 5, 1L
PVC cleaner with polishing effect, solvent based.

Cosmofen 10, 1L
PVC cleaner with small solvent content.

Cosmofen 20, 1L
PVC cleaner without solvent, with antistatic effect.

Cosmofen 60, 1L
used as mild smelling, fast drying special cleaner in industry and handcraft. Highly suitable for plastic, powder-coated and anodized aluminium and PUR profiles.

WEISS Service set for alu-plastic windows
- PVH cleaning liquid (without solvent)
- greasing
- salvets
ORACAL® 359500010 surface cleaning set
Used for car body preparation before wrapping. Set of:
- Shampoo concentrate (1:100) – 500 ml
- Intensive cleaner – 500 ml
- Antistatic liquid – 500 ml
- Protective liquid – 500 ml
- salvets - 2 gab.
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