CNC router cutting

We offer a CNC processing services with two heavy duty machines.

One have working size 2080x3080 mm with powerful 10hp spindle for fast cutting of sheet plastics, woods and light metals. Equipped with a automatic toolchanger, which allows to use up to 8 different quick-changing tools for one job (straight cutters, engraving bits, profile cutters)

Second one is especially designed for fast and accurate processing of aluminium composite panels (Neobond). Equipped with two separate spindles and table size 2080x4900 mm, this one allows to produce facades, signboards and other custom items from ACP, without need to change tools between engraving and cutting operations.  
We provide also additional services on CNC processing:
- Drawings preparation
- Constructional engineering
- Technical consultations
We guarrantee:
- high precision up to 0.01mm
- quality of job
- fast terms of production
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