Polycarbonate sheets

Extra impact resistant, flexible plastic ( 200 times as strong as glass). Well suitable for cold bending. Bending radius is 150 x thickness of the material. Suitable for applications requiring special safety and impact resistance. Different glazing applications: glazing of passages (tunnels), protective glass for appliances, equipment, protective cases for outdoor ads, transparent sheds.

Technical properties:

- density -1.20 g/cm3
- light transmittance -89%
- expandability - 0.065 mm/m/°C
- maximal operational temperature -115°C


transparent UV 2 3050 x 2050
transparent UV 3 3050 x 2050
transparent UV 4 3050 x 2050
transparent UV 5 3050 x 2050
transparent UV 6 3050 x 2050
transparent UV 8 3050 x 2050
transparent UV 10* 3050 x 2050
transparent UV 12* 3050 x 2050
Following optional tones of polycarbonate sheets are available -
bronze, grey, opal 30%, opal 50%, with antireflex surface, as well as sheet polycarbonate without UV-protection

Monopolycarbonate sheets on request

MAKROCLEAR clear transparent monopolycarbonate without UV protection, for indoor defence barriers.    
COLORADO clear transparent monopolycarbonate available in different colour, with UV protection for outside use.    
SAPHIR clear transparent monopolycarbonate with hight resistance to mechanical damages: scratches, impacts, graffiti and so on, with UV protection. Applicable for places with high public loads: city transport, different cabines etc.    
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