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Wrapping vinyls

Car wrapping vinyl films are widely used for applications on vehicles as partial or full body wrapping.


Oracal 551 High Performance Cal

This glazed film complies with the highest durability standards. Wide range of application. Suitable for high quality ads on vehicles.
Available colors: See the color chart

Oracal 970 Premium Wrapping Cast

Multilayer cast film. 100mkm, 10 years warranty for white and black colors, 8 years for other colors, 6 years for metallic colors. Designed especially for wrapping whole car body. With innovative RapidAir technology, this film prevents air bubbles.
Available colors: See the color chart

Oracal 551
1.26 x 50
Oracal 970
1.52 x 50

Oracal 975 Premium Cast Carbon Structure 3D

This is a multilayer cast vinyl film with 3D carbon fiber coated imitation. This film is widely used in industrial design, such as car interior decoration. Outdoor usage: 5 years when applied vertically, and 3 years when applied horizontally.

Oracal 975 Carbon 3D
1.52 x 50

Oracal 6510 Fluorescent Cast

  • Fluorescent cast PVC film (110 micron)
  • 7 glossy colours
  • Intense fluorescence at daylight exposure makes it ideal for advertising
  • For short-term applications
  • Solvent polyacrylate, permanent

Oracal 65101.00 x 50


  • Blended polymeric PVC film (70 micron)
  • White and transparent in gloss and matt
  • For medium-term outdoor applications
  • Solvent polyacrylate, permanent adhesion, grey and transparent
  • DIN EN 13501-1



1.37 x 50 m
1.52 x 50 m


  • Polymeric PVC film (70 micron)
  • White, gloss and matt finish
  • Nearly blister-free application due to microchannels - RapidAir®
  • For long-term outdoor applications, e.g. vehicle livery
  • Solvent polyacrylate, repositionable, permanent, grey
  • Gloss finish, colour 101 Arctic white: DIN EN 13501-1

ORAJET 35511.05 x 50 m
1.37 x 50 m
1.52 x 50 m


  • Premium cast PVC film (55 micron) White and transparent
  • Gloss finish
  • Extreme durability and dimensional stability also in corrugations and on rivets
  • Solvent polyacrylate, repositionable, permanent adhesion, in grey or transparent
  • Certification: DIN EN 13501-1

ORAJET 39511.05x50 m
1.37x50 m
1.52 x 50 m


Oraguard 270 Stone guard

  • Polymeric film (150 micron). Highly transparent, glossy
  • For protection of sensitive surfaces against particularly
    strong mechanical forces, especially designed
    as stone chipping protection film for vehicle body parts
  • Service life by specialist application: max. 5 years
  • Solvent polyacrylate, permanent adhesive.

Oraguard 2701.26 x 50 m

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