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Composite aluminum panels consist of two
0.21 – 0.5 mm thick aluminum sheets with a polyethylene layer between them. One side of the panel has an extra durable PVDF or polyester (PE) coating. These panels are highly weatherproof. PVDF is a high quality chemically resistant coating used mostly for façade finishing, as well as in places with special quality and exterior requirements.
Sheets with polyester (PE) coating are used both for outdoor and indoor works – for manufacturing of advertising stands, signboards, constructions, as well as in interior design.


Neobond panels are tested in Germany by REACH and RoHS requirements, and are free from hazardous chemicals.

Neobond Exterior fasāžu paneļi


Material properties

  • Light weight and increased durability;
  • High level of heat and acoustic insulation;
  • Weatherproof, operating temperature -50°C - +80°C;
  • Long-term maintenance free service of the material; 15-20 years (depending on panel coating);
  • Flexibility of inner layer;
  • No surface cracks when bending and forming;
  • Fire-resistant;
  • Easy construction and assembly of panels (cassettes);
  • Simple finishing methods;

Neobond Exterior facade panels

Areas of use:

  • Ventilated facades and rainscreens
  • Walls, ceilings, colums etc.
  • Interiors and partitions
  • Gas station claddings
  • Signage manufacturing
  • Non-standard constructions

Neobond A2 Exterior fasāžu paneļi

FeatureValueon request
4 mm3, 6 mm
0,50 mm0,3...0,5 mm
1250; 1575 mm1000; 1500; 2000 mm
3200 mm<5700 mm
Fire reaction class


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