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Multiwall polypropylene

Biplex® is an extruded, corrugated sheet, made from polypropylene, offering cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of applications. Compared to other materials such as paperboard, solid plastics or metals, Biplex® offers a great number of unique advantages. Biplex® helps to crystallize your ideas!


  • water & moisture resistant
  • light-weight
  • dust and fibre free
  • strong & durable

Strukturētais poliprolēns

Application areas:

  • Construction:
    - partitions
    - ceilings
    - interior design
    - lightweight constructions
  • Signage
    - signs, banners, posters
    - design elements
  • Packaging
    - foldable packing boxes
    - industrial packaging
    - design packaging

Apdruka uz polipropilēna loksnēm

Polipropilēna loksne dārzkopībā

Technical specifications:

Density0.907 g/cm3
Linear expansion0,18 mm/m°C
Temperature range+70°C
Melting temperature

ColorThickness, mmWeight, g/m2Sheet size, mm
Biplex white
34501200 x 800
Biplex white34501600 x 1200
Biplex white34503000 x 2000
Biplex white510001600 x 1200
Biplex white510003000 x 2000
Biplex white816003000 x 2000
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