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Transparent clear polystyrene

The following features are characteristic for this material – expressed transparency, high surface stiffness, excellent thermoforming features, easiness of treatment and low price.
Indoor application only: for protection of posters, decoration works, glazing of doors, shower cabins, can be used as decorative furniture elements, etc.
Available transparent, white mat with 35% light transmission, anti-reflex (sheets with one mat surface preventing light reflection) and decorative corrugated sheets with different types of relief.


Technical specifications:
- density -1.05 g/cm3
- light transmittance -93%
- expandability - 0.08 mm/m/°C
- maximal operational temperature 80°C

CodeThickness, mmSheet size, mm
HIPS clear1.002150 x 1250
HIPS clear1.502000 x 1500
HIPS clear2.003050 x 2050
HIPS clear2.002000 x 1500
HIPS clear3.003050x2050
HIPS clear3.002000 x 1500
HIPS clear4.003050 x 2050
HIPS clear4.002000 x 1500
HIPS clear5.003050 x 2050
HIPS opal 35%2.003050 x 2000
HIPS anti-reflex1.002150 x 1250
HIPS anti-reflex1.502150 x 1250
HIPS decor Impala2.502000 x 1000
HIPS decor Sierra2.502000 x 1000
HIPS decor Aqua2.502000 x 1000

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