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Thermal transfer presses


The PT-06 is made for quick and easy use, requiring
minimum operating space.
The PT-06 is an ideal machine for most low to medium
transfer settings and is fully equipped with microprocessor
controls for time and temperature accuracy.
The PT-06 has a work area of 38 x 38 cm (15 x 15 ins).
The PT-06 bears the CE Marking.

Poli-Tape transfer press PT-06

PT-11 Cap Press

The PT-11 A has been designed for most types of headwear.
The PT-11 A features an easy to use microprocessor controller for time and temperature accuracy, with a simple locking device to secure the cap in place during the transfer operation.
The PT-11 A has adjustable movement of the cap/mould base and is easy to use.
The PT-11 A is produced of cast aluminium for strength and

Poli-Tape transfer press PT-11 Cap Press

PT – 15

The PT-15 is a high quality technologically advanced low cost
manual press, ideal for most users. The swing head operation gives a perfect view of the transfer and garment allowing accurate and easy application, along with safety of operation.
Fitted with our unique advanced computerised controller
to accurately monitor both temperature and time.
Pressure adjustment is by a fngertip control knob making
this machine ideal for light, medium and heavy pressure
The PT-15 is a manually operated heat press for transfer
printing and material fusing.
The work area of the PT-15 is 38 x 50 cm (15 x 20’’) but
machines may have, to special order, 5 optional smaller
sized interchangeable worktables of different sizes and
various shapes:

15,3 x 15,3 cm
20,5 x 20,5 cm
25,4 x 25,4 cm
30,5 x 30,5 cm
38,0 x 38,0 cm

Poli-Tape transfer press PT – 15


It is the versatility of the PT-18 that makes this machine
so popular.
The automatic release mechanism will ease the production
flow for the customer with high volume, whilst the clam
action design of the machine will appeal to customers with
low to medium volume production too.
The machine has an easy to use microprocessor controller
for time and temperature accuracy, together with fingertip
pressure control.
The PT-18 has a work area of 38 x 38 cm.
The PT-18 bears the CE Marking.

Poli-Tape transfer press PT-18

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