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Facade insultaion

Application area

Aluminium composite panels NEOBOND are widely used for ventilated fasades. 

Manufacturing on request allows to meet any requirements – from plain surface to complex 3D decisions.

Fasādes renovācija Tomsona ielā 24 Rīgā


NEOBOND aluminium composite panel consists of 3 main layers: internal fire-resistant core covered with two aluminium coils. Panel thickness is 4mm, aluminium skin 0.5mm on each side.

Fire resistant core provides best protection and perfect stability.

Fasādes renovācija Tomsona ielā 24 Rīgā

NEOBOND advantages

  • Accordance with EN 13501-1 for B-s1,d0 and A2-s1,d0
  • National German approval DIBt
  • REACH and RoHS compliance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Color stability
  • Cladding durability
  • Unique facade solutions
  • Easy maintenance
  • Light weight
  • Simple installation

Tehnoloģijas apraksts ēku ārsienu siltināšanai


Wall insulation with NEOBOND panels should be applied with ventilated facade technology.

That means, there is an air gap between cladding panels and insulation layer, which provides best way to moisture ventilation.

Facade panels are fixed to vertical profiles, whese are fixed to bearing brackedt on the building wall.

Fasāžu renovācija un siltināšana

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