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How to prepare your CAD/CAM files

We offer wide range of CNC processing: router cutting, laser cutting and engraving, plotter cutting.


We accept these CAD/CAM formats:



Drawing requirements

  • Drawing should be scaled 1:1
  • All objects should be made as Closed Curve/Polyline
  • If the line is not closed, it count as a centerline (i.e. engraving line)
  • Erase all doubled objects, tails, zero size objects etc.
  • Drawing should be prepared in 2D space
  • Graphical sketches and drawings are also accepted (JPG, GIF, PNG).

Failu sagatavošana CNC ražošanai


  • Please note that all internal corners are rounded when cut with a router bit. In case it affects your items, please indicate necessary router bit diameter.
  • Structured materials like Neobond Brushed, Timber etc., texture direction should be marked in your drawing.
  • One sided panels like mirror, textured or brushed, please indicate the side shown in your drawing.
  • File correction and error checking is calculated separately.


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