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Privacy policy

General information

This Privacy policy aim is to provide ainformation for a person – subject of a personal data collection – information about data collection, it's purpose, amounts and protection.

Personal data is any information that allows to identify a person. Identified person is one, who can be identified based on any personal data – name, surname, ID, location, physeological, physical, genetical, mental, economical, cultural, social or any other.


Which data is processed?

We process only data which is provided to kviller.eu with user browsing software to provide best experience and correct data displaying. No other data including personal is not collected, excluding when user is provided us his/her e-mail address, telephone number or other contact details for communication. These data can be removed from our database on users request.


How we protect your information?

We maintain our data systems to provide best safety. Data processing is matching Latvian laws about personal data protection. 

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